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Dalat is a city located in the South Central Highlands of Vietnam. Thanks to this favorable geographical position, Dalat has pleasant climate which makes it warm by day and slightly cold at night, down to around 10 Celsius degree.

In addition to lovely weather, people fall in love with Dalat for its mesmerizing beauty and silently charming atmosphere. Surrounded by pine forests, the city gracefully lies in the heart of a rich valley which gives people here advantages to grow vegetables, coffees, fruits etc being known around the country for their good taste. Good climate enables many different kinds of flowers to blossom around the lovely city which makes it even more romantic.

Dating back to the past, Dalat used to be the playground of French when they colonized Vietnam in the 20th century. Therefore, in Dalat remain a lot of villas, hotels, restaurants and other architectural works by French which beautify the romantic essence of this town.

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